Robert W. Olson, Jr.
Avvo® Review #102
June 29, 2016
"I asked for a full review of a potential buy in with another Oral Surgeon. Robert was so in depth with his review, he ended up finding potential loopholes that put me at risk and also an extensive look at the surgeon's history which was not known to me. Needless to say what seemed like a great opportunity, could have turned into a potential nightmare for myself had it not been for his excellent advice. Not only were Robert’s fees very reasonable, but saved me potentially years of heartache and countless dollars in the long term. For dental practice concerns Mr. Olson knows the business inside and out."
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Practice transitions are extraordinarily complex, with numerous intersecting considerations, internally contradictory goals, and a constantly changing landscape. To effectively navigate the complex and constantly changing maze of practice transitions, you need the guidance of an attorney with a full set of specific qualifications.

Direct Experience:

A less-experienced attorney will not know, let alone understand, the myriad intersecting issues specific to practice transitions, nor those even more specific to the various general and specialty dental and medical practices. Choose an attorney who has completed at least 100 practice transitions lifetime and at least 10 in the last year.

blueball  Licensed in California with an emphasis on dental practice transitions
     since 1992.
blueball  Averaging about 50 practice transitions per year since 2000, over 1,000
     practice transitions total.


blueball  #1 Rated Mergers & Acquisitions Attorney from Avvo® (2011-present)
blueball  AV® (Preeminient™) rating from Martindale Hubbell® (2009-present)
blueball  150+ 5-star client ratings at Avvo®
blueball  USC Law School, top 20% graduate
blueball  Dartmouth College, Religion (Ethics) Major,
     Honors Program in Mathematics
blueball  Admitted to the US Supreme Court
blueball  Admitted to the US Tax Court
blueball  Admitted to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals
blueball  Full resume

"Big Law" Experience:

Your attorney needs to look at your transaction from a multitude of angles. Mergers & Acquisitions are a starting point, but real-world experience in related areas (tax, finance, securities, real estate, estate planning, intellectual property, litigation, and negotiation tactics) are essential. Mr. Olson has broad experience in these and many other related areas:

blueball  Represented a California defense contractor drafting 2 private stock offerings.
blueball  Represented a landowner for 100+ acre residential developments in California
     and Hawaii.
blueball  Represented a "Fortune 400" member in Nevada estate planning matters.
blueball  Represented the heir of a 3-time "Oscar®" winner in various probate and
     business matters.
blueball  Represented a Virginia defense contractor drafting a $50 million equipment
     manufacturing contract in Finland.
blueball  Trademarked "transdental®" in 1998, and registered copyrights on numerous
     practice transition contracts developed since 1992.
blueball  Successfully prosecuted 3 separate copyright infringement actions in
     federal court.
blueball  Successfully defended at trial a breach of contract action, and recovered
     defective construction and attorney fee awards against the plaintiff 5 times
     in excess of the plaintiff's original claim.
blueball  Successfully used an anti-SLAPP motion to dismiss a defamation lawsuit
     (for reporting the plaintiff to the California State Bar), and received a $44,000
     attorney fee award against the plaintiff.


Mr. Olson has implemented novel solutions to save otherwised doomed transactions. Those solutions have been pragmatic: inexpensive, timely, and achievable given the particular circumstances.

blueball  Converted a non-deductible to tax-deductible purchase, saving the buyer
     approximately $120,000 in taxes.
blueball  Closed a practice sale in 40 days (not 6 months) when the seller died before
     signing the contracts.
blueball  Legally masked a client's identity to purchase his leased office premises from
     an executor who personally disliked the client and therefore refused to sell.
blueball  Retroactively obtained a $1 million estate tax exemption from the IRS, based
     on the client's inability to change her estate plan before death due to lack of
     mental competency.


Mr. Olson has a track record of identifying non-traditional “red flag” issues that threaten a successful practice transfer:

blueball  Discovered a $264,000 IRS lien missed by lien searches conducted by both
     escrow and the lender. Mr. Olson requested a 2nd lien search, something he
     had never before requested, but which uncovered the lien. The Buyer would
     have been forced to pay that IRS lien, because the Seller was leaving the
     USA permanently.
blueball  Attempted to dissuade (unsuccessfully) a client from buying a practice due
     to uneasiness about the broker's failure to provide specific information about
     the practice and the Seller. The client bought the practice against this advise,
     then spent 2 years in litigation due to Seller's personal issues that damaged
     the practice and would have been revealed had the broker revealed the
     requested information.