Here is my list of approved practice finance lenders for you to contact. I have worked with these individuals personally and recently, and can speak highly of my experiences with them. All can provide pre-qualifications for loan amounts on seller's practices to a yet-to-be-identified "well qualified" buyer. I have listed these alphabetically.

NOTE: Many dental industry brokers, attorneys, and lenders give or accept some form of fee for referring other transaction specialists. I do not give or accept any such referral fees.

Bank of America | website
Matthew Christie | Email | 614.623.5768

Homestreet Bank | website
Howard Boles | Email | 949.237.1604

Wells Fargo | website
Sina Mansouri | Email | 949.813.1855

Live Oak Bank (SBA only) | website
Bert Smith | Email | 910.550.2314